Meet Dr. Slayton

I am Dr. Rebecca Slayton-Soehlman and I opened Slayton Chiropractic Inc. in October of 2005 and haven’t looked back since.  I then opened a second office in Pocahontas in June of 2011 which is my home town. I am married to a wonderful man, Jim Soehlman who has supported me in all my aspirations and dreams of having 2 caring, successful, and homeopathic chiropractic clinics.  We have been together since April, 2010 and have enjoyed recently buying a home between two state parks.

My hobbies include hiking our beautiful parks we have here in Arkansas, we are on a mission to hit all 53 of them and so far we are at 33.  I also enjoy reading mystery books and kayaking.  I am somewhat of an avid cook/ grill master, but don’t tell my husband I took credit for the grilling.

I couldn’t have picked a better profession for my love and passion for helping others.  I have seen such miracles happen to the human body through chiropractic care and am still mystified everyday at the bodies’ ability to heal from within given the right circumstances.  I enjoy learning about my patients and visiting with them like they are one of the crew here at the clinic. Speaking of, I am so blessed to have a wonderful staff that makes my job easier and we are looking forward to many more years of serving and helping others.